Call for participants

“Diaspora, Media and Migration Young Scholars Workshop with

Prof. dr. Myria Georgiou and Dr. Donya Alinejad"

29 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium


This year's DMM young scholars’ workshop welcomes acclaimed scholars Prof. dr. Myria Georgiou (London School of Economics and Political Science)and Dr. Donya Alinejad (Utrecht University) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel as part of the Digital Fortress Europe Conference.


We all know that it is a difficult task to identify, validate and present our main findings and contribution of our research projects as young scholars in the field. Considering the interdisciplinary nature of our field as well as the continuously changing landscape of media and communication technologies, it is crucial for us young researchers to situate our doctoral projects within academic literature and research. This is the reason why this year’s young scholar workshop aims to help ten doctoral researchers who work on the intersections of diaspora, media and migration to find their own voice and make sure that it is heard. 

Our one-day long workshop is divided into two parts:

Morning session:

Each participant will be given the opportunity to present their research project and get feedback. Considering the theme of the workshop, the presentations are expected to focus on the main findings and respective theoretical and methodological claims.

Afternoon session:

The afternoon session involves several group activities which will focus on the most effective ways to address limitations of your research, to present your findings/analysis and to think together about the ways in which the research projects are relevant and distinctive. 

Application process

It is required that the applicants submit a summary about their research project or about a specific study that is part of it (1000 - 2000 words), situated in the fields of International and/or Intercultural Communication, to 

before 1 April 2019. Submission results are sent out via email at the end of April.


Papers should be saved as a Word file, and include full name of the author, institutional and departmental affiliation and contact details (email and institutional postal address). Further, the paper should include:


  1. An introduction which includes your research topic and research question(s) 

  2. A brief literature review with your  mains theories/concepts

  3. Methodology

  4. Your main findings and how these are expected to contribute theoretically, conceptually and/or methodologically 

  5. Questions/concerns you would like to discuss   

The PhD workshop is organized by the European Communication Research & Education Association’s (ECREA) Diaspora, Migration & the Media (DMM) section in collaboration with the ECREA’s International & Intercultural Communication (IIC) section. The workshop is organized as part of the Digital Fortress Europe Conference, but please note that acceptance to the young scholars workshop does not guarantee participation to the conference. The workshop will take place on the day before the conference specifically for PhD candidates as a separate event at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 

There is no admission fee. Coffee and tea will be provided. 

If you would have any further questions/comments, please do not hesitate to email the main organizers of this workshop on the following email addresses: